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We know that the booty is what makes us look good in our clothes and feel confident. That’s why we created this program to help women (and men!) get their best-looking, most toned butts ever! This workout plan will give you all of the tools you need to sculpt your booty into something amazing when combined with the proper meal plan. You’ll be able to tone up and shape your butt with these workouts while also supporting your spine. It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced - this program is for everyone!


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 Get ready for an incredible transformation in just 21 days with our Booty Lift Program!

The first step is simple - click on the button right now and sign up Today! You won't regret it when you see how great your butt looks after just 3 weeks of following this program. Plus, there are tons of bonus videos included!

Meet your booty-full expectations with our 21 Day Booty Lift.

Expect to lose inches off your waist and tone up those love handles with this intensive program! Follow along for the next 21 days to get a killer booty in time for swimsuit season.

You'll be able to do all of these workouts from home, without visiting any fitness gyms or going on long runs outside.

You can get started today!

Hamstring Curl You'll never have to worry about not having enough time for the gym again. You can exercise at your convenience, no matter how busy you are! With our workout calendar and split routines - 5 days of workouts in 7 that don't take more than 45 minutes each- it's easy to stay on track with a manageable schedule. In addition, we've got all kinds of high-quality butt-lifting videos and full-length workout videos available right inside the course so you needn't be bored doing exercises or feel intimidated by them anymore because there is always someone showing exactly what to do every step along the way!

Is The Booty Lift Program For Me?

It's for people who want to change the shape of their backside.

The booty lift is for anyone who wants to have a more rounded and lifted bum. If you want your jeans fitting better, or if it's just time for an update on what the buttocks can look like then this program is perfect for you! It creates an hourglass figure with rounder curves in all the right places! You will see great results after just 21 Days!

Butts come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean you can't improve your appearance.

The 21 Day Amazing Booty Lift is a great option to consider if you're feeling like your behind seems too flat, or maybe droopy.

 Booty Lift

The 21 Day Booty Lift is the perfect solution for women (and men!) who want a professional workout program with an end goal of sculpting and strengthening their booties. Not only will this help improve aesthetic appearance, but it'll also support your hips and spine!

Booty lift muscle groups

What does the program do for you?

This program, when combined with a healthy diet, is designed to sculpt and strengthen the buttocks, which will improve aesthetic appearance and help support the spine! Get professionally done workout video instructions combined with images.

The daily workouts will be broken down by five splits for an abbreviated day of fitness each week - no excuse not to make time in between work or family obligations!

We also have bonus materials included so you'll never forget what exercises or routine comes next, or how to properly do them!"

Program details:

  • The goal of the program is to sculpt and strengthen your booty, which will improve its aesthetic appearance.
  • The program is designed to focus mainly on the glutes, however, we do work the full body as well. Hips, buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps, core, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, upper and lower back. We do touch on it all!​
  • Primarily geared to intermediate fitness levels. Since this is a very targeted program, it is recommended that users have a fitness base before starting.
  • Designed for limited space - a high-intensity sculpting program to strengthen and shape your buns. Intended for home or short-term travel workouts with space restrictions in mind- perfect for home or travel workouts​
  • Minimal equipment is used in this program. You are recommended to have mini-loop resistance bands, dumbbells, and a foam roller.
  • This is a single-phase program, following a 7 day a week schedule, repeated 3 times equaling 3 weeks. There is a detailed calendar showing the recommended daily workout.

What do you get in the 21 Day Booty Lift?

The package includes work-out instructions written out in detail plus video exercise tutorials showing and explaining the various exercises to you to get you started on day one, and hours of high-quality workout videos.

You'll have 5 splits per week that include workouts designed around specific days such as Upper Body Strength Training or Cardio & Abs Workouts so there's something for everyone no matter how much time they can spare each day!

-   Clearly written workout instructions with lots of images

-   Along with examples and exercise explainer videos, our program will show you how to create a slender, sexy butt.

-   This full-fledged fitness program focuses on total body workouts so that you can stay fit in every way.

-  5-split workout week, five days on, two days off per week

-    A full-body workout that focuses on the Booty for women and/or men

-   A helpful workout calendar to help you to stay on track with your workouts

Here’s What You Get In The 5 Day Split:

Monday: The smoking hot Booty Burn

The buttocks are a muscle group that we often neglect, so we're starting the week off with a BURN! Using resistance bands, we are all focused on lighting your glutes on fire to burn and sculpt those muscles - it's time for booty lifting, strengthening, and shaping!"

Each Monday, our booty burn class will work your backside to make it stronger and more sculpted with moves like deadlifts, squats, and lunges!

Tuesday Botty Lift Program

Tuesday: abs and as$

Tuesday is a booty-full day to target the glutes and core together. After all, these two muscle groups are responsible for the butt lift and making your booty pop! But by strengthening them both with this workout you can also protect against back pain, hip, and lower body or leg pain that may come from strains in either muscle group.

Work the booty, shred the waistline, and protect your back by strengthening these key muscles.

And bring out the bands so that we can burn up those calories in no time at all!

Thursday: LIFT IT UP Booty BUILD

It’s time to build some booty, and we are going big with weights. We’re putting the bands away and picking up the weights and since we’re working BIG muscles here in the lower body – bring big weight.

The best way to build a strong gluteus maximus is through compound exercises. What are compound exercises? These are moves that use multiple joints and muscles, like squats, deadlifts, lunges, step-ups, and hip thrusts. You'll build strong defined muscles in your butt and legs as a result. Time to LIFT!

Thursday Booty Lift Program

Friday: booty build

Reaching the target of your glutes is crucial for any fitness enthusiast. To really get into it, let’s work with some glamour muscles too! Biceps, triceps, and shoulders are all important to a good workout routine so bring them out as well.

I’m going to start you off with some of my favorite butt exercises. These are the moves that will give you a rounder, lifted booty. then we will focus on our lower body to sculpt the muscles of our thighs and calves. I’ve also included some butt exercises that work other areas like arms, shoulders & back for a complete total-body workout!

Let's GO!

Saturday: roll & stretch

The week’s recovery session is designed to be a time for you (and your body) to take care of yourself. There are two parts: rolling and stretching.

Rolling is excellent for relaxing tight muscles as well as getting rid of toxins that have built up in your body during a long day, while stretching helps circulate blood flow through sore limbs by increasing flexibility which will keep you limber and pain-free

You’re welcome to pick just one or do them both – either way - go with what's best for you.

 Saturday Booty Lift program

Also Included Are:

Our workout videos are High-Quality Full-length Videos that you can download and stream to your platform for use at any time.

BONUS: A complete set of instructional videos to teach you the proper form and range of motion for each exercise.

A booty-ful rear end starts with a few small steps

Do you want an amazing butt? Then you need to start sculpting your booty! Booties come in all shapes and sizes. The goal is simple: Improve the aesthetic appearance of your backside while helping support spine health through engaging exercises that significantly strengthen muscles around the hips, thighs, core & glutes.

Can It Get Rid Of Fat?

The cellulite that some of you have is not only genetic, it's caused by different factors. Some of these are hydration levels and muscle mass, but their other reasons as well such as genetics or how much time we spend sitting down on a day-to-day basis. Strength training can help to reduce the appearance of this unsightly problem because it helps burn fat which has been linked with decreased skin firmness in general; however, being too thin also worsens the condition so make sure your goals match up with what will actually be achievable for you!


It is an intermediate workout. You can make it easier by modifying the moves, shortening the workout routine, or decreasing the resistance. On the other hand, you may increase the intensity of bigger movements or add more resistance to make it more difficult.


You want it harder! When you're ready, you'll be adding in heavier resistance bands for a tougher workout. If that doesn't offer enough of a challenge or if you want to increase the intensity, even more, there are 1 lb and 5lb adjustable ankle weights available just in case.

Don't let the cheerful background music and lively exercises distract from just how strenuous some of these workouts can feel, especially when incorporating ankle weights on top of that. Don't worry though; for every tough move, there's an equally fun one to make up for it!

You’re making those 3 areas of the butt, along with other trouble spots that usually get overlooked, fatigue and push to their limits.


What Do You Have To Say About Our 21 Day Booty Lift?

"Every day, I take a step closer to my goals. It's been an amazing experience and the results are clear as can be! After just 3 weeks of faithfully doing 40 minutes per day-you'll see how your body has already changed for the better!"

"I used this program because I wanted something different," says one user*. "The workouts were varied enough where it never got boring."

"I have been doing this workout for two weeks now and I’ve made a lot of progress. It works to tone those muscles, which is perfect because my summer swimsuit is coming out of the closet this year!"

"I've been doing this workout for 21 days now and I've made a lot of progress. When you first start out, it seems hard but if you do the 40 min of exercise faithfully like me, in 3 weeks your body will be feeling better than ever!"

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