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    ! ! ! SMASH YOUR LIMITS ! ! !

The goal of this challenge is to help you to surpass the limits you thought you could never break... To help you get better, leaner, stronger, faster, and fitter with this 9-week CrossFit Workout Challenge.

Break past your Limits!

Get Leaner, Faster, Fitter & Stronger In Just 9 Weeks

And Clearly SEE The Results!

Challenge yourself to be More!  


Challenge a ‘fit friend’ for Fun!


Or host a Challenge for your group at home, outdoors, or in a gym.

 Trio doing crossfit workout challenge

The 9 - Week CrossFit Workout Challenge

Fun & exciting - high-energy - calorie-burning workouts! 

Made by a professional coach with years of experience

     Hundreds of dollars worth of content

PLUS two Incredible complimentary bonuses:

- Muscle Building 101

- Muscle Building 101: Nutrition

A complete Workout and Fitness Bundle for Only $49

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wod videos

18 W.O.D Videos

(Workout Of the Day videos)

Complete with Printable:  Exercise calendar, Tracking Sheets, Incredibly well written W.O.D          workout explainer instructions with pictures         & 2 Awesome complimentary bonuses.

These High-Energy explainer videos demonstrate the basic techniques and instructions on the exercises and routine for the day.

The High-Quality videos will show all the moves for the day’s workout regime. 

PLUS Two Incredible Complimentary Bonuses:


- Muscle Building 101

An In-depth Beginners Guide to Building Muscle & Increasing Strength


- Muscle Building 101: Nutrition

Everything is important about nutrition and your body as it relates to your exercise & weight loss.  Here are the Facts.

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Forget About Sets and Splits...




Break Out Of Your Routine!

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As you progress through the challenge, you will see definite PROGRESS, MOTIVATION, and RESULTS!!


 In this CrossFit workout challenge, we will be using:




                                   & Power

Combined with PROVEN Cross-Fit training methods such as Tabata, AMRAP, AFAP, EMOM, 21 -15- 9, 5 x 5 x 5, and more!

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Cross fit workout Tracking Sheets

This is a 9-week CrossFit Workout Challenge

It follows a 3-week schedule, repeated 3 times.


Includes a detailed workout calendar showing each day’s W.O.D (workout of the day)

Clearly written & printable W.O.D instruction sheets also included


Also Included: Tracking sheets to clearly see and track your progress in the challenge!

The WODs are designed to be done in a particular order.

This calendar will help you stay on track.

Check off each day you complete for added motivation & accountability.

TIP – gold star stickers work so great here!

This is the KEY component of the program.

THIS is where the challenge comes from. Beating your scores each time you repeat the workouts.

CrossFit workout challenge tracker sheets


This program is geared to those of INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED fitness levels. These are intense, high-impact workouts.

We do not recommend this program for beginners. If you are not an Intermediate/advanced exerciser, please choose the Beginner or Intermediate program.



Tabata crossfit workout challenge
 couple working out

Specifically designed to get an awesome workout in a limited space with little equipment



Perfect for home workouts & small spaces - but this CrossFit workout challenge can be done outdoors, enjoyed in the park, or in the gym as well.

A set of dumbbells

(light, medium, and heavy)

and some kind of timer

(even the stopwatch on your phone)

is the only fitness equipment required for this program. 

group working out

 "Cross-training means training differently

                   & challenging your body in different ways"

Helps Medical benifits of a crossfit workout challenge e

And the CrossFit Workout Challenge has so many benefits!

- Improves overall fitness & quality of life!

- Helps build lean muscle mass & lose fat fast

- Limits the risk of over-use & repetitive motion injuries 

- Reduces stress on the same muscle groups

- Our Crossfit workout challenge injects energy into your routine and makes them fun 

- Pushes & challenges you to smash through your limits to build a better you

- Crossfit develops new strengths & skills

Why the 9-week

CrossFit Workout Challenge

Works so Effectively:

When you do the same movements and workout routiness on a regular basis, your body becomes more efficient at doing them.

Unless you change up your routine and challenge your body, your fitness levels can plateau & even decline.

The CrossFit workout challenge  allows you to break through “muscle memory”, smash through your limits  and push you to the next level of fitness

Breakthrough with 9 week crossfit workout challenge

 Crossfit workout challenge for change An effective CrossFit workout challenge means that your body never gets used to doing the same boring workout over and over, but assures your body is constantly challenged, and your muscles can grow and strengthen quickly.

This makes sure the metabolism stays high and the body doesn't become prone to stress or injury from repetitive workouts.


And it's an awesome way to mix up your cardio and strength training!

"A major benefit of the CrossFit workout challenge is the wide variety of techniques and skills you acquire, and the way they can transfer to many different aspects of your life, while Drastically improving it!"

CrossFit techniques and skills training can transfer to many different aspects of your life, enriching it in the process.

Some such areas other than your everyday quality of life include lifting weights and kettlebells, martial Arts, doing gymnastics and other sports, etc...

"It aims to make you fitter, better & more capable of whatever You put your mind to"

 couple doing crossfit workout challenge
A couple doing the 9 week crossfit workout challenge

CrossFit is not the same as training in an individual sport. It is rare to isolate one muscle group in most sports, for instance, so CrossFit works the body as a whole.

The 9-week CrossFit workout challenge provides the perfect opportunity for the whole body to work together, strengthening muscle and bone, and increasing flexibility.

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the 9-Week CrossFit Workout Challenge

for a one-time payment of just $49!

"If you're someone who loves the feeling of competition & wants to push yourself to be better, CrossFit may be the perfect exercise for you that can drive incredible results."

Credit:  Heath and Fitness Council

This 9-Week CrossFit Workout Challenge is geared to ADVANCED fitness levels. These are intense, high-impact workouts. We do NOT recommend this program for beginners. If you have been exercising regularly for a few months, and have experience with yoga, weight training, or high-intensity workouts, you should be able to easily adapt to the intensity level of the 9 Week CrossFit workout challenge. If you are new to exercise, you will need to build up your fitness level before attempting this program. All exercises in this program are fully explained in the corresponding sections in this material.

Challenge Yourself to Be More!

Get Leaner, Stronger, Faster & Fitter...

Challenge Yourself to Be Better! 


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 Creating This Fitness Course Took Us In Excess Of 300 Hours Of Work, Thousands Of Dollars, The Dedication Of 5 People, And Years Of Experience To Put Together!

  • HIGH-QUALITY VIDEO LIBRARY: 37 Tutorial Videos, 19 Exercise Videos, 20 Instructional Stretching Videos… Over 6 Hours of Engaging Instructional Video Content
  • WORKOUT & DIET PLANS: 10 Adjustable Diet Plans, ​Multiple Workout Plans, Various Charts and Logs, Beautiful images, Written Instructions And Tutorial Videos
  • MANY MANY EXTRAS: Fitness Tests, ​​Supplement Guide, Recipe Packs: Clean Eating, Healthy Dessert, Vegan, and Paleo; Macros/Calories Calculator And ​​Essential Workout Equipment Guide

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Program goal - To build muscle and burn fat easily, at home, with very little to no equipment!

An 8-Week Home Workout Program Based On The Proven TABATA INTERVAL TRAINING SYSTEM.

Includes 6 Hours Of High-Quality Tabata Workout Videos & Written Guide, Manuals, And So Many Extras

Designed For Limited Space and Just A Set of Dumbbells Are Needed - Perfect For Home Workouts.

Geared Towards All Fitness Levels - Intensification & Modifications Throughout The Tabata Workout Videos

4 Workouts Per Week Following A Full-Body Distribution: Upper Body, Lower Body, Cardio, Core, And Full Body

Includes Resistance Training Strength Days and Cardio High-Intensity Interval Training Days                                                                              SEE A SAMPLE VIDEO HERE

Includes 3 Levels: Basic Tabata; Souped-Up! Tabata; and Doubles.



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