Young and Old fitness challenges!

Are you looking for a new fitness challenge?

We’ve got the best ideas to keep your workouts fresh and exciting. From team competitions to solo challenges, we have something for everyone. You can even create your own workout with our custom-made challenges!

Get motivated by challenging yourself or someone else. It doesn't matter if you're training for a marathon or just trying to get in shape, these fun fitness challenges will help you stay on track and reach your goals faster than ever before.

Challenge yourself today, and start working towards achieving your fitness goals!

Getting fit and being fit is a process. You can’t do it overnight and you can’t expect miracles within 2 weeks… but you’ll definitely see improvements within a month. 

An In-depth Look at the Many Types of fitness challenges available to you

In this article, we will be covering a vast array of fitness challenges designed to accommodate both Young and Old fitness enthusiasts.  The difficulty and intensity of these programs will vary as greatly as their design and function, so I am SURE you will find one or more fitness challenges to peak your interest and motivation!

These exercise and fitness challenges are easy and fun-to-do tools that you can use to inject motivation and excitement into your workout regime to keep it from becoming stagnant and boring, which would definitely make sticking to your goals much more difficult!

If you notice that one challenge or type of challenge works particularly well for you, you can certainly make use of it over and over in your workout program!

Tips to Succeed in your Fitness Challenges

Choose a shorter duration challenge if this is to be your first time.  Many 30-Day fitness challenges are ideally designed for the beginning first-timer. You can see our list of The Best 30-Day Beginners Fitness Challenges For Beginners here.  30-Day fitness challenges are perfect for those of you who workout at home or want to add some variety and excitement into or after your gym workouts.

If you are unsure if fitness challenges are the type of workout program you are going to be interested in, you can certainly try a shorter routine, such as a 14-Day Workout Challenge.

For the more experienced, there are 60, 90, and 120-day fitness challenges, and we here at Young and Old Fitness also have our own Trademarked 121 Day Health and Fitness Challenges, designed by Industry-leading fitness and nutritional professionals.

Whichever type or style of program you choose, write down your goals, keep track of your progress, and, above all, Have Tons of Fun!!!

  • Challenge a Friend: Doing your choice of fitness challenges with a friend, or even someone online, is a great morale boost and very helpful in encouraging and motivating each other and staying accountable to your commitment and striving to reach your goals.
  • Write down your goals: Have a clear and concise end result in mind... write it down.  Make sure that it is attainable.  It is better to have to raise your goal, than not to meet it in the end!
  • Track your progress:  Write down the day and date, the exercises, a number of sets, and reps or duration so you can track your progress see your improvements every day.
  • Discipline yourself: Get it done!  No excuses... The first step is the hardest.  Commit to doing the challenge, and then follow through.  This is where working out with a friend can be beneficial.

Different types of fitness challenges

Are you looking to lose weight?  Do you want to build muscle and lean body mass?  Trying to develop the habit of working out regularly?  Rehab an injury? Are you wanting to design a corporate fitness program?

There are countless fitness challenges available, and regardless of your end goal, there is one or more suitable to meet your needs.

We will lightly touch on a few here, and you can explore them in more detail in our Young and Old Blog section.


HIIT fitness challenges

High-intensity interval training is a very popular type of workout right now.  With all the craze in local gyms and fitness clubs, this type of routine is easily adaptable to the home workout routine.

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1-Minute HIIT fitness Challenges

In these types of fitness challenges, each exercise in your routine would be done by duration or time… in this instance, you would do each exercise for 1 minute without stopping.  By manipulating rest intervals between exercises, the challenge can be made easier or more difficult.  In this way, you can control or vary the difficulty of the challenge.

Countless studies prove that high-intensity training will facilitate in losing body fat fast while retaining maximal muscle mass. High-intensity training can also strengthen the cardiovascular system
and improve your endurance for a high level of intensity training for a longer period of time.

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Family Fitness Challenges

Family workout challenges are great fun, and can be highly motivating!  Focus on fun family workout fitness challenges where you all do the same routine, or have each member choose a new challenge routine every week!

Make Health & Fitness a Habit, One Day at a Time


Yoga fitness challenges

Yoga is full of stretching, strength, and toning exercises, that can, and do, range from beginner level all the way through to the experienced practitioner level.  Choose a challenge that is within your range of ability and make it fun!

    In ancient India, the word yoga meant union.                                It refers to a union of the entire self:               mind, body, and spirit.


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Tai Chi Fitness Challenges

This ancient form of exercise has long been touted for promoting longevity and mobility while being low impact and very gentle on the body’s joints.  If you have a martial arts background, this form of fitness challenge could prove very fulfilling for you

In the last few years there's been a huge focus-within
weight training and fat loss circles on the need to build
"functional fitness"

Body part specific routines

Upper body, lower body, core muscles, push or pull muscles, abs specific, booty sculpting… you name it, and you can blast it.   Sculpt your perfect physique, or bring your weak areas up to par, these are great target specific fitness challenges

This really is a science and not an art. The way you go about building muscle is very simple and once you know the formula, it’s a simple matter of following it through to completion.


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Low Impact Challenge

Choose an easy fitness challenge that you can start today regardless of your age or physical conditioning. This type of low-impact fitness challenge will get you moving and building muscle in just a few minutes a day. Regardless of your fitness level, you can add this type of challenge into your daily routine!

Research has now found that at least half of the changes aging
people experience in regards to their joints, muscles, and bones
are a direct result of a lack of activity.

Descending Reps

Start with a lower weight for a higher number of repetitions.  For the next set, raise the weight and drop the number of repetitions, and for the third set, again raise the weight while dropping the reps yet again.  Do this for all of the exercises in your routine.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then you’ll never reach your goals. It’s as simple as that.



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Pregnancy Fitness Challenges

Some women automatically assume that once they’ve given birth, their bodies will never go back to the shape they originally used to be.
Weight gain, stretch marks, a loss of sex appeal, etc. are negative consequences that women consider a trade-off to having a bouncy little baby.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes… pregnancy will result in weight gain. This is only natural and in fact, it’s healthy. However, the weight gain can be maintained without letting it get out of control.


Rehab challenge

Well-chosen fitness challenges can speed up recovery during rehab!  Make sure you consult your physician for advice and approval when choosing an exercise regime to rehab an injury.

In order to grow, you need to exercise more and eat more protein. When you do this, you start to build more muscle and you see yourself constantly increase in strength.



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