Young & Old Premium Fitness Course

At home exercise and nutrition program

WHO IS Our Premium Fitness Course FOR?

As experienced health and Wellness fitness coaches ourselves, we designed our premium fitness course to help anyone make a lasting and healthy lifestyle change, and who want to achieve success much faster.


Fun Fact about our Premium Fitness Course:

Creating This Fitness Course Took Us in excess of 300 hours of work,  Thousands of Dollars, the dedication of 5 people, and years of experience to put together.

You can have it all for a fraction of a price in just a minute!


  • 37 tutorial videos (and new ones added regularly)
  • 19 Exercise videos
  • 20 Instructional Stretching  videos included
  • Over 6 hours of engaging video content.
  • New content and all future updates are included Free of Charge!!!


  • 10 adjustable diet plans from 1475-2375 kcal;
  • ​Multiple Workout plans
  • Various Charts and logs
  • Beautiful images, instructions and  tutorial Videos.


  • Fitness tests;
  • ​​Supplement guide;
  • Recipe packs: clean eating, healthy dessert, vegan, paleo;
  • ​Macros/calories calculator;
  • ​​Essential workout equipment guide.

Premium Fitness Course Overview:

  • Hours and Hours of High-Quality Tutorial Videos !!!
  • 37 Fitness and Wellbeing Tutorial Videos: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Mental Wellbeing
  • 19 Exercise Videos
  • 20 Stretching Exercise Videos
  • Complete workout regimens to meet various weight loss & fitness goals: Beginner, Intermediate, advanced, Calisthenics, and a 121 Day Home Workout.
  • Recipe packs: clean eating, healthy desserts, vegan, paleo
  • Comprehensive nutrition plans
  • Diverse diet plans to suit different needs for a large range of calorie requirements
  • A bonus of Two additional Fitness E-books in this Fitness course
  • Plus So Much More! See below for a full summary of our Young and Old Premium Fitness Course designed Just for You!


What's This Fitness Course About?

This fitness course takes the participants by the hand and gently guides them through the whole process of physical fitness and wellbeing from start to finish. It is an introduction to a healthy and fit lifestyle designed to transform your life to make sure you never stop growing!

Different parts focus on different topics. Below is a short overview of the premium fitness course:



  • A balanced diet plan: 30% protein, 45-50% carbohydrates, 20-25% fat (from 1475-2375 kcal) + macros/calories calculator + a supplement guide
  • Recipe packs: clean eating, healthy dessert, vegan, paleo
  • Video: Meal timing - how often should you eat?  ( SEE A SAMPLE )
  • Video: Protein - building blocks of the body
  • Video: Protein - from which sources?
  • Video: Carbohydrates - how to eat carbs the smart way?
  • Video: Fat - the fuel for metabolism
  • Video: Fiber - why do you need it and where to get it?
  • Video: Why should you stay well hydrated?
  • Video: Are micronutrients important to consider in your diet?
  • Video: Supplements to support and boost your goals
  • Video: Common problems when starting a new diet
  • Video: How to eat smart outside your home and on a trip?
  • Video: Controlled cheating - goodbye emotional eating! How can you “cheat” without a guilty conscience?
  • Video: How can you enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage without harming your metabolism and health?
  • Video: Artificial sweeteners - what you should know and which ones to avoid?
  • Video: Eating to lose weight - principles that help anyone eat so that it helps burn fat away with maximal efficiency.


This module of the fitness course covers all physical activity categories and helps the participant make the most out of being active.

  • Workout plans: Aerobic, home workout, strength training
  • Fitness tests:
  • Exercise videos: 13 videos of the most important home exercises
  • Video: ​Principles of building muscle ( SEE A SAMPLE)
  • Video: Physical activity’s role in lifestyle change and weight loss
  • Video: How to double your calories spent on daily activities?
  • Video: Aerobic exercise - principles and a simple guide
  • Video: High-intensity aerobic training - kickstart your metabolism
  • Video: Resistance training - one of the best tools for burning fat, if used correctly
  • Video: HIIT - fat burning x10
  • Video: How to use physical activity with maximal efficiency?
  • Video: Nutrition and supplements in support of physical activity
  • Video: Creating an effective workout plan


This module of the fitness course is all about maximizing success chances and preparing the participant for lasting change.

  • Video: How to handle stress and recover more efficiently?
  • Video: What physiological measurements should you monitor?
  • Video: What lab tests should you monitor?
  • Video: What other things should you monitor in your lifestyle change?
  • Video: How is a lasting lifestyle change achieved?
  • Video: How to create the right goals just for you?
  • Video: Preparing for setbacks and challenges
  • Video: What other things should you monitor in your lifestyle change?
  • Video: Changing habits, a practical guide
  • Video: Meal preparation.


This module of the fitness course reminds people that life is more than what you eat and how much you move. We'll cover different lifestyle aspects that help people improve their health and quality of life.

  • Video: Controlled cheating - good by emotional eating! How can you “cheat” without a guilty conscience?
  • Video: How can you enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage without harming your metabolism and health?
  • Video: Sleep - overview, why it is important? ( SEE A SAMPLE )
  • Video: How to sleep better? A practical guide.


Our fitness course contains many exercise videos with instructions and 20 stretching exercise instructional videos with beginner and advanced gym and home workout plans

Why Should You Use Our Premium Online Fitness Course ?

Designed and developed by our leading team of Industry professionals, compiling years of in-depth experience in online nutrition, Health, and Wellness, & Fitness coaching, into one great fitness course. Download it, and/or access your content online. Once purchased you have easy access to the content at any time!  New content and all future updates are included Free of Charge... For LIFE! Access the information you need, anytime and anywhere!  Workout programs, diet plans, recipes, nutritional guides, calorie counters, your complete Fitness course, and Much More!!!


You are responsible for exercising within your limits and assume all risks of injury to your person or property.  To the extent permitted by law,, Ro Little Fitness, Ronit (Ro) Little and its affiliate disclaim any and all liability in connection with the exercises in online videos and any instructions or advice provided.

Consult your medical professional before attempting the exercises in the videos and follow his or her advice.

Do not attempt the exercises in the videos if you have a history of chest pain, knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, joint, or spinal (back or neck) problems or injury.  If you feel you are exercising beyond your current abilities, or if you feel discomfort, pain, dizziness, or nausea, you should discontinue exercising immediately.