Exercise mats come in different shapes and sizes to suit different types of workouts. Here are some of the best exercise mat and the fitness programs that require them.

Best exercise mat
        Find the Best Exercise Mat for YOUR workout!

How to Find The BEST Exercise Mat For YOU!

Exercise mats are an incredibly versatile accessory, but not every mat is suitable for every type of exercise. Our best exercise mat review will give you a summary of the different types of mats available out there, and hopefully guide you towards the ideal mat that is well suited to your needs.

Finding the best exercise mat shouldn't be a daunting task, and you should not have to spend a small fortune to get the best exercise mat for your particular type of workout. 

When you're shopping for your best exercise mat, keep in mind what it is you are looking for in your mat, and make sure that it meets all of your specific needs. If you experience joint pain, perhaps a thicker more comfortable mat would be better for you.   Are you tall?  You may need a longer mat which gives you the room to fully stretch out.  If your workouts are intense and you sweat a lot, you will be looking for a material that will reduce slipping during your exercises.

Portability may also play a role in your selection. If you transport your mat back and forth to the gym or exercise outside,  you may want to choose one that rolls up or folds up into a small package easily.  Consider storage also.


Different Types of Exercise Mats Available

1. Pilates Mats

Pilates mats are similar to yoga mats, though they're often longer and thicker. These mats are made with closed-cell construction, usually from TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer). Pilates mats are firm and should offer at least half an inch of padding. Unlike yoga mats, Pilates mats aren't very sticky, and you should be able to wipe them clean easily after use.

Pilates Mat


Pilates mats are designed to act as a cushion for the body, and as such, they are a little thicker than the Yoga mat. They are also made to provide an excellent grip during exercise.  However, some pilates mats have a gripping surface on the bottom and a slick top allowing for smoother transitions between pilates moves.

Some gyms will often provide mats to their clientele.  If this is the case, and you are using a borrowed mat, it is important to clean and disinfect the mat before each use for hygienic purposes.

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     2. Yoga Mats   

Thinner than Pilates mats, Yoga mats are intended for lower impact exercises. Yoga mats can be made from a variety of different materials.

These mats are designed to be sticky and are capable of clinging firmly to a hard floor surface. Made to provide a cushioned surface to protect the Yoga practitioner from injury while also preventing slipping during exercises, you should choose the best exercise mat for your workout. 

Yoga Mat


The best exercise mat for Yoga is easy to clean with soap and water and can be made from a variety of different materials, including Closed-Cell PVC, Cotton, Mesh, and/or Rubber.

The yoga mat is the thinnest mat of them all with a standard thickness of between 0.3 to 0.6 cm.  These types of mats are designed to increase traction for the yogi and are easy to carry around with minimal effort. Yoga forms come in many different styles, and different mats can be found to accommodate the different styles.

Eg, a standard yoga mat will be made of PVC to be light while also allowing for flexibility and grip. But, if you are a Hot Yoga practitioner, you will want to purchase a mat that has a towel-like surface to absorb sweat and prevent slippage. Yoga mats may also be constructed of natural or biodegradable fibers commonly found today such as cotton and hemp.

It is important to make sure to clean your mat regularly.

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3. Fitness Mats

The best exercise mat for fitness is thick and large... typically at least half an inch thick and five feet long. Used for stomach work, stretching movements, and many other exercises in your workout regime. They absorb high amounts of shock and impact,  providing a  cushioned surface between you and the floor during the exercise.

Generally manufactured from closed cell PVC and have an easy-to-clean vinyl cover.

Large fitness mat


General-purpose exercise mats are readily available for use in almost every commercial gym, but they are also an indispensable tool for use in your own home exercise routine.  Designed for heavy usage, it is made to protect the body from shock and impact resulting from the most rigorous exercises.  This is the best exercise mat to consider for serious fitness enthusiasts. Fitness mats are short but thick, and they will usually have velcro edging to attach additional mats together to form a larger workout area if necessary. 

The three best exercise mat types are each designed to meet the needs of a specific purpose.  These are as follows:

  • Vinyl:  The best exercise mat cover material is Vinyl.  This type of mat has a foam core protected with an easy-to-clean vinyl cover. Very durable and able to withstand heavy and repeated use.
  • TPE: Thermoplastic Elastomer material. Comfortable, strong, and the most environmentally friendly material of the three as it has the potential to be recycled. Due to its elastic properties which enable the mat to return to its original shape after use, it offers a soft and comfortable workout surface.
  • EVA: EVA foam mats are very lightweight and the most cost-efficient. These mats are not very resistant to wear and tear, as even the soles of your bare feet can tear the surface of this type of mat.  Definitely not the best exercise mat for a rigorous workout regime. 

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4. Commercial Fitness Mats

Commercial fitness & exercise mats are usually between one and two inches thick.  Primarily used in sports such as gymnastics, powerlifting, and other professional sports they are thick enough to absorb almost any shock and help to prevent damage to the knees, ankles, neck, or spine. 


Commercial gym mats are usually rather large and bulky. Even folding exercise mats are large, heavy, and difficult to store. These are permanent fixtures found in commercial gyms and fitness classes, and are not meant to be removed for storage.

The best exercise mat is made from either standard or extra dense foam protected by an easy-to-clean vinyl cover.

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5. Foam Mats

Most commonly marketed as Puzzle Mats due to their interlocking edges, these foam mats are most commonly found in two-foot by two-foot squares, with interlocking edges.  They can vary in thickness ranging from 3/8 of an inch to about five inches thick.

Foam mats are used to provide cushioning in the home for children's play areas, home gyms, commercial martial arts as well as professional sports usages such as the parallel bar. 

foam puzzle mat


Foam mats are a good choice for those who perform high-intensity training exercises. The foam material absorbs impact shock and makes high-intensity training easier, more comfortable, and less harmful to the joints of the body.

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6. Stretch Mats

Thick and well-cushioned, this type of mat is not made to fold, but it can still be moved around by the user for convenience or storage.  You will also find velcro edging to attach additional mats together to form a larger workout area if necessary. 

The best exercise mat for stretching will be made with a high-density chip foam core and have an easy to clean protective covering made of durable PVC.  These mats are very durable and long-lasting even in a commercial gym environment.

Mat for stretching


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7. Floor Protectors

The best exercise mat for Floor protection is about a quarter of an inch thick and can be over eight feet long and three feet wide.  These are not mats that you will exercise on.  You don't get down on these mats to workout, instead, you put them under your fitness equipment to protect the surface of the floor from damage. 

protect your floor


This type of floor mat will be nonslip, keeping your fitness equipment stable while in use. A must-have item to protect your home flooring if you are using an exercise bike, rowing machine, or treadmill, and especially if you are using free weights or any other type of weight lifting equipment.  The best exercise mat for flood protection will also deaden the sound of your workout.

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How we chose the best exercise mat

To make our choice, we compared each of the following criteria:

  • Size. Do your feet tend to hang off the edge of your mat? Do you prefer a smaller model ideal for travel? 
  • Ease of Cleaning. The mat must be easy to wipe clean.
  • Material. We looked for materials that are durable, comfy, and ethically sourced.
  • Portability. These mats roll with it and go with the flow (get it?).
  • Thickness. We chose mats with a variety of thicknesses to best support your yoga goals.
  • Durability. These mats should survive more than just gentle flow yoga.
  • Storage. The ability to move and ease of storage.


Even if you exercise daily, you're not going to be using your mat 24/7. For mobile mats, you will need a way to store these when they are not in use. As mentioned above, some mats are easily rolled up and carried away. These are so small they are easily put in a corner of the room and forgotten.

You may find that a lot of Yoga, Pilates, and general-purpose mats have little eyelets on one side of the mat. this is so that they can be hung on special racks to keep them tidy and straight. This is mainly found in mats that are bought for group classes and need to be tidied up in bulk.

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