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This Peach Booty Workout is an exciting and effective 21-day booty Lift workout to lift and round your butt!

Want a better butt?

The Peach Booty Workout is an easy-to-follow, 21-day workout plan that will help you get the booty of your dreams. This workout includes some of my favorite butt exercises to build, tone, and perk up your bum. It’s designed for all levels, so it can be done at home or in the gym. And best of all, this workout will improve your posture while preventing back pain and injuries to your knees and hamstrings!

This is part 1 of a 2 part series based on our best-selling video workout course, the “21 Day Booty Lift”. You can see PART 2 HERE on our site.

Peach Booty Band

If you want a better booty without spending hours at the gym or breaking the bank on expensive classes, then this Peach Booty workout is perfect for you!

This home peach booty workout is a smaller, more condensed workout, and of course, it does not have a video workout version, but it is also a great starter workout if you want to get ahead start on the full course. We also have Delicious and Easy Healthy Recipes and free weekly video recipes to meet your nutritional requirements of the program on our home page.

You’ll see results in just 3 weeks with this simple booty routine that anyone can do anywhere.

Plus, I have included some tips on making these moves more challenging and some modifications if they are too difficult for you right now. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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For this peach booty workout, you’ll just need two pieces of equipment:

Peach Booty Resistance Band

Loop Resistance Bands

These bands come in different levels of resistance ranging from a light resistance band to medium, heavy, and extra heavy bands. These types of bands are readily available and inexpensive if you shop around. They are a great addition to any home gym.

Dumbell Free Weights

In addition to resistance bands, dumbell free weights are a definite must-have for your home gym if you are an intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiast. The size or weight of the dumbells required for this workout will depend on your fitness level. Start light and work up in weight as you advance and your fitness level increases. Certainly one of the best investments you can make in your workouts.

Dumbell set

This Peach Booty Lift Workout uses only Six easy exercises from our 21 Day Booty Lift Workout Video program to lift and round your butt!

1) Resisted Up and Over Booty Lift

This exercise works your upper booty ( gluteus medius ).

You want a sexy butt, right? Well, your upper and lower backside can be toned in the process. With up and over booty lifts on an exercise mat or against resistance bands, you’re sure to get that round peach booty and perky butt we all covet!

Toning your “upper butt” muscles gives you that awesome lifted, rounded peach booty look!

Get into a kneeling position on all fours. Loop a band around both thighs just above the knees making sure it doesn’t twist or bunch up. Firmly keeping your hands on the ground, extend one leg putting that foot out behind you. Raise it, so that your heel is hip level.

“Kneeling up and over” booty lifts are a classic butt-toning exercise, and the resistance bands make this move more effective!

Move your extended leg horizontally left and right, crossing the other knee you are kneeling on. At the outermost position, lower your extended leg and tap with one toe before returning up again. When rotating front-to-back or side-to-side do not forget to keep everything tight!

Make sure to engage the core muscles and use proper form when flexing for stability as well, which will protect against any potential injury in this vulnerable part of our body while still being able to work it out so make each movement count by keeping all muscles engaged throughout these exercises–especially around the thighs where a lot of pressure is put during everyday life whether from walking across campus or just standing at an uncomfortable meeting.

Exhale with each kick.

Repeat for the other leg.

You should be using proper form and flexing your butt while staying in control of your core position.

2) Resistance Band Side to side Squat Walks

This exercise works your outer thighs (Gluteus maximus and Vastus Lateralis).

A fun peach booty exercise that will have your booty feeling taut and toned in minutes!

Side-to-side squat walks concentrate on building your inner thighs, glutes, and quads. They also help with the flexibility of muscles in our calves and hamstrings too!

Side to side squats can be tough if you don’t have much experience or practice with them because they require a lot of concentration as well as patience for beginners. This exercise is an amazing way of building all different parts of your butt and also works the legs and calves in a single set.

Start in a standing position and place the band around your thighs, just above the knees. Make sure it’s flat and doesn’t roll or bunch up. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart placing tension on the resistance band.

Keep your back flat with just a slight curve in the lower back, Using a semi-squats stance, body weight over your heels, and your butt sticking out behind you as if you are about to sit down in a chair.

As you step out to one side, shift your weight to that side and take a “step”. Bring your opposite leg in the same direction so you are again standing with your feet shoulder-width apart in the semi-squats starting position with slight tension on the band.

Alternate sides with an emphasis on maintaining a low squats position during all movements to strengthen your core muscles. Remain mindful that you are still inhaling/exhaling throughout the set during your workouts.


3) Low Plank Leg Lifts

Do you know that classic exercise, the plank?

This exercise works a number of the core muscle groups

It’s an incredible exercise, but what if we told you there was a way to make it even better!

Adding leg lifts and resistance bands to your booty workouts can take your level of intensity up another notch by activating even more muscles in your lower body and booty area as well as those hard-to-reach abs on your stomach.

A plank pose is a great way to and build strengthen your core and abs. 

Maintaining straight arms and tight body; slowly bring knees off of the mat as hips rise upwards until your shins are parallel to the floor.

To work your abdominal muscles, you’ll want to keep abs engaged as raise the left leg off the floor until it’s at about hip height. Keep that foot flexed for these exercises!

Pause… Feel that burn

Lower your left leg back to the floor.

Repeat with your left leg.

Congratulations on taking the first step to an amazing peach-shaped booty!

These are the first 3 exercises complete with short explainer videos of the movements.

You’ll be thanking yourself when your friends start to ask you “what’s the secret behind that banging booty”.

Do you know how everyone is always asking each other for fitness tips?

Show them the way with this free 3-week glute workout routine from Young and Old Fitness!

I hope you’re excited about starting a new fitness routine for yourself at home – because it’s easier than ever before thanks to Young & Old Fitness!

In part two of this free program, I’m going to be walking you through the next three exercises and showing you how easy it is when you follow our daily workout plan, as well as what foods are best for weight loss and achieving an incredible booty as you deserve!

I hope you enjoy this free workout!

Part two will introduce you to the remaining 3 exercises, and part three will outline the routine required over the 3 weeks, along with nutritional information to help you succeed in getting that most incredible butt that you have always wanted!

I KNOW you can do it, and I really want to be a part of your success!

Thanks for joining us here at Young and Old Fitness

I am looking forward to seeing you again soon… Candy

Candy is not only a fitness professional with an education background in Kinesiology, but also has certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She’s developed effective programs for many clients over her years of experience that have helped them accomplish their goals through personalized exercise routines.

Candy holds two degrees: one in Kinesiology and another as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). This makes Candy qualified to help individuals work on muscle toning or weight loss goals by designing personal workouts tailored specifically for each individual person’s needs.

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